Ronny Delzer


Ronny Lane Delzer 59 of Bismarck passed away August 16th of 2023 at the Bismarck Sanford Hospital. Memorial services will be held on Friday August 25th, 2023, at 11 a.m. at the Bismarck Funeral Home.

Ronny was born and raised in Bismarck ND, August 15th, 1964, to Sylvia and Leo Delzer. He attended school in Bismarck, ND.  Growing up Ronny was an outgoing person working as an electrician for many years. Ronny last worked at the Sanford Hospital part time as a custodian. During his time there he gained great relationships with his co-workers. He was an adventurous person and lived his life to the fullest.

Ronny strived to be an outstanding son to his mother. His priorities and life were all for his mom. Sylvia ended up moving in with Ronny and he took the best care of her. He always enjoyed going on walks with Sylvia around the neighborhood and planting their garden together. They would plant cucumbers, tomatoes, you name it. Every time someone came over to visit Ronny, he insisted they take a vegetable home.

His true passion was being outdoors and riding bike, he spent majority of his day off working on his yard making sure it was perfect. Ronny is known for his beautiful top-notch yard around the neighborhood. Every time someone asked about Ronny they say, “oh the man with the nice green grass with the perfect lines.” Yup, that’s Ronny.  He also had a hobby of collecting coins, cars, and enjoyed boating, he loved to boat with family. You would always find Ronny outside or in his garage relaxing on the couch watching baseball/softball. Every chance he got to spend time with someone he would make sure he got his favorite candy, starbursts from Walmart and his blue raspberry slush from DQ.

Ronny was a kind, caring, hard-working person. Despite Ronny’s vision impairment or how unwell he was feeling he was always willing to help anyone out with any projects, especially if it was outside. He recently helped his cousin BreAnna and her husband Sebastian put up their garage and helped wire it, he was so proud. He always enjoyed being with family and seeing his great nieces and nephews.

Ronny loved to sit, relax and had a passion for sharing his life with others while drinking his favorite drink, Mountain Dew. He will be greatly missed by everyone. We all know he is up in heaven riding his bicycle and enjoying the garden of life again with his mother.

Ronny was survived by his cousin BreAnna (Sebastian) Schroeder of Bismarck, ND, many other cousins of whom Ronny considered his own, Rodney (Stacie) Delzer of Sioux Falls, SD, Cortney Lauer (Niece) and family (great nephews and nieces) of Bismarck, Kirk Lauer (Brother-in-Law) of Bismarck, and his lifelong friends David of Wilton, Brian, Larry and Eldy of Bismarck.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Sylvia, and Leo Delzer, brother Randy Delzer, sister Shereen Lauer, Aunts, Betty Martel, Irene Zeller, Millie Mitchell, Uncles, Wayne and Lee Schiermeister.


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I worked quite a few years with Ron, as an electrician, and his supervisor on some jobs. Ron was not afraid of any kind of work. There were times, I had to almost make him take a break. He just wanted to keep working. He was always willing to help anybody out, if he could. He was not a selfish person. He will be greatly missed.

We have known Ron for almost 35 years. Ron was one of the good guys. He would help out any way he could. He helped out remodeling our house. Amazing what he could get done, Ron will be missed. RIP Ron .