When a death occurs, there are many decisions that must be made at that time. It’s hard enough simply dealing with the loss without having to also try to make the right decisions. By preplanning these decisions now, one can lift the emotional and financial decisions from your family. It won’t be time consuming or difficult for you. But the real beneficiaries will be the loved ones that are relieved of having to make these difficult decisions. Preplanning gives your family a detailed road map of what type of service you want. It gives you the opportunity to make important decisions on your own timetable.


Making funeral arrangements for a loved one can be a very stressful process. By preplanning, you help relieve that unwanted stress. Preplanning is truly one of the most thoughtful and loving things you can do for your family.



You also have the option of prepaying your funeral costs if you wish. You do not have to prepay in order to preplan. But, by prepaying, you lift the financial burden from your family. Prepaying allows you to lock in at a guaranteed price and you receive a lifetime guarantee that this is all you will ever have to pay for.


There are state laws regulating the funding process. Therefore, it is important to work with a licensed funeral professional when making plans to prepay funeral costs in advance.