Mike Nathe

Funeral Director/Owner

Shawn & Alison Harrington

Funeral Director/Owner

Doug & Danae Rode

Funeral Director/Owner

When Mike Nathe opened Bismarck Funeral Home and Crematory in March of 1996, it was in direct response to the glut of corporate-owned funeral homes in Bismarck. Since that time, Bismarck Funeral Home and Crematory has the distinction of being the longest continuously locally-owned funeral home in Bismarck today.


On April 3, 2020 Doug and Danae Rode with Shawn and Alison Harrington became partners with Mike Nathe in Bismarck funeral Home and Crematory! Doug Rode is a native of Jud, ND and has worked at Bismarck Funeral Home since August 2008. Alison Harrington grew up in Pettibone, ND and Shawn is a native of Wing, ND. Shawn has worked at Bismarck Funeral Home and Crematory since July 2005.


Bismarck Funeral Home and Crematory is a full-service funeral home. We offer and conduct full traditional casket services as well as cremation services. We have our own crematory right in our building to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cremation services we provide.


Families often mark relevant changes in their lives with elaborate ceremonies, such as graduation, weddings, baptisms, etc. A funeral service is a time to reflect on the past while looking towards the future, and to celebrate our loved one’s lives and reflect upon their accomplishments.


Because we are a locally-owned funeral home, we are a part of the community, and we understand that quality of service and costs are very important. That’s why we will provide you with any information and price lists that you request. We pride ourselves on this honest and straightforward approach.