Rachel Nelson


Rachel Nelson passed away at 10am, September 25th, 2021, at St. Vincent’s a Prospera Community. Rachel was born to Daniel and Jane Gruver on September 11, 1959 in Dallas, TX. She had two children, Philip Seiler and Rosabel Seiler. She was married to Lanny Nelson on August 24, 2014.

Rachel was a devoted Christian and worshiped the Lord with all her heart. She attended church on a regular basis and found peace within the Lord. She had an amazing heart full of kindness, which she showed to others. Rachel’s favorite past time hobbies were reading fantasy novels such as J. R. R. Tolkien. Her favorite song artist were B. J. Thomas, John Denver, and Barry Manilow. Rachel’s Favorite TV shows included Star Trek and Dr Who. Her favorite animal was the unicorn, Rachel ended up having a modest collection of unicorns.


From Rachel’s mother, Jane – Rachel was my first child and very special to me. Always allowed people to rely on her. She always turned the other cheek and forgave those who wronged her. She was an exemplary and faithful Christian.

From Juanita, Rachel’s sister – we’ll be missing you and spending time with you. I have many memories to remember you by. I love you sister.

From Jennifer, Rachel’s sister – My beautiful sister, Rachel who was also a Aunt. I know God has you and now you are at peace we will see you again. We love you.

From Dana, Rachel’s nephew – Rachel taught me how to drive a car, the power of prayer and how finding peace and happiness can be found in a book. I love you Rachel.

From Rachel’s son, Philip – my mother was the kindest person I have ever meet. She taught me to do the right thing no matter how hard or difficult. She taught me that it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you but what God thinks of you. She never spoke badly of another, or took advantage of others for her own benefit. She was a woman after God’s own heart. I will forever love you and never forget every lesson you have taught me.

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