James Rundall


James Richard Rundall, 62, passed away November 25, 2023 in a Bismarck hospital with his family by his side. Formerly of Minot, ND.


Jim “Buck, Pimmer” was born August 18th, 1961, in Hoven, South Dakota to John (“Jack”) and Maritta (“Dytc”, Hermann) Rundall.  He was raised in Hoven, where he attended St Anthony’s Parochial School and was an alter server for 8 years. He attended Hoven High School prior to earning his GED.

From an early age, Jim was strong-willed. At the age of two, he climbed onto his family’s roof, while his mother was pregnant with his sister Janine, and refused to come down.  As a boy, Jim loved hunting and fishing with his father,  Jack. During his teenage years, he loved riding up and down Main St in his El Camino. Many stories could be told of his adventures and memories in his car. He worked as a farm hand for Dave and Mary Rausch, and also worked at the Cheese Factory.

In 1980, Jim decided to enlist in the Air Force after being called a chicken by his future mother-in-law. He never backed down from a challenge or a dare. Jim was the type to prove someone wrong.

On August 28th, 1981, Jim married his high school sweetheart, Mary Frost. They were married for 28 years and had two children together, Jessica and Austin. Jim proudly served in the Air Force for “22 years, 3 months and 27 days.” During their marriage, they traveled around the world for his Air Force career. While stationed in Germany and New Mexico he was a jet engine mechanic and worked on F-4’s and F-111’s.  In Germany he received a Special Safety Achievement Award for saving another Airman’s life in a jet engine fire. He enjoyed going on Volksmarches, attending beer-fests and grape picking.  In New Mexico, he enjoyed going to squadron parties, playing sand volleyball and made the best splashes when doing flips off the diving board at the pool.  Jim cross-trained while stationed in New Mexico to be a Facility Manager at the missile sites. He was stationed in Wyoming, where he enjoyed playing volleyball and softball. Jim had a wild side and sometimes this involved tying a parachute to the back of his little pickup and flying up into the air. He retired from the Air Force in 2002 while in Minot, ND.

After Jim retired from the Air Force, he worked at Earth Mover’s and Minot Housing Authority in Minot. He met his girlfriend, Laurie Jesser-Handeland in 2013 and moved to Bismarck, ND. They enjoyed spending time together, going to Medora and the Black Hills. He was employed at the Warehouse and Dan’s Supermarket. Jim had 3 cats that he loved dearly: Tux, Judo and Sadie.

Jim enjoyed life and had the gift of “gab.” He loved laughing and telling stories, especially of his military travel. One of his proudest stories was from when he was stationed in Germany and visited the zoo.  He literally scared the poop put of a monkey and made it fall off the branch, by dropping his false teeth down and screaming “aaaahhhhh.” He would laugh so hard when telling this story.

Jim loved hunting and fishing with his kids and grandkids. He was extremely proud of all of them. Buck enjoyed playing cards with his family, friends, neighbors, and in-laws. Jim would dress up and play Santa for his family.  He loved mixing his coffee with cappuccino and mixing his coke and sprite; he would say, “it all goes to the same place.” Jim was a proud man and had a firm hand-shake. He was notorious for jokingly puffing up his chest and saying “I’m sexy and I know it.” Jim was a kid at heart and played with matchbox cars the day of his wedding, loved getting tattoos, and getting crazy haircuts; like the time he shaved all of his head, except the front to look like the Pringles Man’s mustache. He was extremely proud of his handle bar mustache when he would grow it out. Prior to his death Jim started doing mud-runs with his children.

Jim loved singing country music songs, especially Johnny Cash. He had many catch phrases, but was known for saying, “Pull my finger!” He also loved crop dusting his family and friends while in the store. You could hear him laughing rows away after walking into it. Jim loved to joke.

Jim will forever be loved and missed by his children: Jessica Rundall, Austin (Lindsay) Rundall, and grandchildren: Kaden, Carson, DyVia Rundall, all of Minot. Brother, Jeff (Donna) Rundall of Sioux Falls, SD; Janine (Joe) Arbach of Hoven, SD. Many nieces and nephews. Girlfriend Laurie Jesser-Handeland and family, Bismarck. Ex-wife and friend, Mary Frost, Minot.

Jim was preceded in death by his parents Jack and Dytc Rundall, infant brother, John and older brother, John “Jackie” Rundall.

Cremation has already taken place. A graveside service and military burial will be held in Hoven, SD and take place in the spring. A celebration of life to follow after.


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Ohhhh MY where do I Start. ? Jim aka “KumaStar” as I Lovingly Nicknamed Him (After MY Late Father’s Practically”Un-Breakable” but Gorgeous STALLION Horse) that I had growing up on the Missouri River. Jim FIT that horses traits/demeanor Almost Perfectly. Jim Even Had The Name Tattooed on his Forearm. *No Matter what”all My Dad Did & Tried to Break the Horse & make him Ridable At minimum, ALWAYS Became a 3 Ring Pony-Show & the Stallion Would just Have to Buck My Dad OFF Atleast once After Being Saddled Up. That Stallion Had a “Spirit”that just couldn’t be Tamed completely & Jim’s Spirit & Zest For Life Matched It. The Last 10+years of MY Life have been a HUGE Rollercoaster that I NEVER Wanted to Get Off & NOW the Rollercoaster Has Came to a STOP & I’m Beyond Devastated that the Ride is Over.. We Have Been Thru So Many Ups/Downs & Round-a- bouts that it’s changed My Life Forever. I Will Forever Be Thankful for Jim coming into MY Life. Jim was My Lover, My Equal & MOST of All MY VERY BEST FRIEND & He WILL ALWAYS Be “MY ONE”, “MY PERSON” Soooooo MANY Laughs,Adventures. Road Trips, & The Sweet Memories That WE Made Along the Way. I’d Do It ALL Over Again in a Heartbeat If it was Possible. I Thought We’d Get a chance to Grow OLD Together & Time to Create MANY More Memories. Jim ALWAYS Made Me Feel Special & Loved & He Assured Me that I was the ONE Person that TRULY Understood Him Inside/Out & That He DIDN’T Think that True-Love Existed Until He Met Me.& I Felt & Feel The Exact SAME way. Jim Was The Most Complex & the Most Unique Man I’d Ever Met & will probably EVER Meet Again & I’m Ok with that. We Had a Hell of a Run & Def a Once in a Lifetime LOVE that I’m BEYOND Gr8ful For. May You Rest in Peace Babe Until We Are TOGETHER Again Someday & THANK YOU Jim for Showing ME what Totally Unconditional TRUE Love REALLY Is & that it Does Exist. XOXOXO ~Laurie~