Erna “Annie” Leno


Erna “Annie” Leno, 95, of Mandan, passed away on November 24, 2022, at Miller Pointe, Mandan.

Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022, at 10:00 A.M. at the Bismarck Funeral Home with a burial at Fairview Cemetery.

Visitation will be held on Tuesday from 5-8 p.m. on Tuesday at the Bismarck Funeral Home.  Visitation will continue one hour prior to the service.

Annie was born June 3rd, 1927, in Napoleon, ND. She had four siblings who are now all gone before her.Annie had three brothers, David Gensburg of Napoleon, ND. Herbert (Jenny) Gensburger of Bismarck, ND. George (Betty) Gensburg of Bismarck, ND. She loved the farm life and her family. As Annie got older, she helped take care of all the kids. After her parents passed on, she even went and took care of kid’s who weren’t hers. She had the biggest heart that way. She met and fell in love with Allen Coddington who was a Navy man. They moved to Philadelphia to the Navy base. They soon welcomed Annie’s one and only daughter Beatrice Coddington.

In 1980 they moved to Bismarck where Annie bought her very own house. Unfortunately, Allen and Annie divorced, and Annie and Bea went on with their lives. Annie started working at the Bismarck Laundry being their press lady. She worked so hard for many years until her shoulder gave out and she had to have surgery.

Annie loved going to Dakota Skies Bingo with her sister-in-law Betty Gensburg and sister Violet and anyone else who wanted to go but, “you better watch your cards, she can’t do it for you”! And boy oh boy she would let you know if you weren’t! If she caught a bingo on your card before you, she would claim it haha! Annie even had to take her granddaughter Jessie to bingo the day she turned 16 and was able to play with a guardian! That day Jessie won them $100 and Annie couldn’t have been happier.

She also had her very own bowling league for many years where she went on to win many tournaments and singles. She adored all the ladies on their team and truly enjoyed their times together! She loved telling stories of all the different tournaments.

Annie was love by so many in this world it’s hard to mention them all. Her daughter, Beatrice Coddington; granddaughter, Stacy Campbell; grandson, Leon Dale Just Jr (Girlfriend, Shauna Haney); and granddaughter, Jessica (Dustin) Rebenitsch.

Many great grandchildren, Raquel Campbell, Tricia (Kyler) Griffeth, Alicia Campbell (Boyfriend, Brandon McConnell), Brittany (Ron) Ryckman, Lissa Just (Boyfriend, Joe Hoffman), Kayla Just, Sabrina Just, Tristan and Destini, A.j. and Kaydon Just, and Lee, Vinnie, and Tori Haney.

Many more Great Great Grandchildren, John, Jay, and Hailey (Jess and Dustin), Nevejah, Chaz, Erie (Raquel), Rose and Harvey (Britt and Ron), Aleister and Draven (Lissa and Joe), Amanda (Kayla), Piper (Alicia), Kaydon, and Kinley (Tricia and Kyler).

Many nieces and nephews including Neil and Sue Leno and their two daughters, Megan and Sarah.

Erna “Annie” Leno is preceded in death by her mother and father; brother, “Otto”; sister,“Violet”; Great Granddaughter, Aurora Just; and Great Grandson, Haiden.


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She will be very well missed

I’ll miss you Auntie. You had a great ride, left many broken hearts.

I will miss u with all my 💜 lv Debra Sue

Bea I am sad that your mom has passed. I met your mom years ago when we bowled together. She was always so funny and spunky. I don’t think I ever saw her as anything other than upbeat and happy only when she lost her sister vi. I will miss seeing her at the store. My heart goes out to all of you during this sad time.