Christine Crowe


We regretfully announce the passing of Christine Marie Crowe-Kuzel of Bismarck, on February 9, 2022. Christine was surrounded by her family and passed away peacefully.  There will be a time of gathering on Friday, February 18, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at the Bismarck Funeral Home.  There will be a prayer service starting at 7:00 p.m.

Our mother, Christine, was one of the most strong, independent, and colorful women to ever walk this earth and our family was blessed to have her as the head of the family. Christine graduated from Red River High, 1996 in Grand Forks. She then went to Jamestown College under a soccer scholarship. She then transferred to UND to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating in 2006. Later in life she went back to college to get a degree in Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) at Northland Community & Technical College and graduated 2016. After graduating, she went on to pursue a career at BECEP in Bismarck, where she worked with and changed the lives of many children as well as parents and coworkers.

She met and married Tory Crowe and together they went on to have 5 beautiful children whom she is survived by. Logan (19), Grand Forks, Sophia (17), Sebastian (14), Thane (12), and Camaron (11) of Bismarck, along with Judy Kuzel (Ewoniuk) (mother) and Lyle Riendeau of Arizona, brother, Anthony “Tony” Kuzel, sister-in-law, Heather Kuzel, and niece, Alexa “Lexi” Kuzel, of Minneapolis.

She was preceded in death by her father Dale Kuzel.

Christine was a wonderful and loving mother, daughter, sister, and overall person who gave her all to her family, friends, and job. She advocated for the kids she looked over for both her job and daily life. Making sure they never felt less then or left out, she changed the lives of many families and will no doubt be remembered. We will never be able to fill the space left behind by her.

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I am so sorry to hear of Christine’s passing. I am praying for her family as you celebrate her life and mourn her loss.

Christine was what I would have considered a good friend of mine in Junior High & HS. We called her Chris at that time. She was super athletic and smart, she was down to earth, enjoyed humor had a very serious side to her and was focused. She was supportive of me during our junior year, and was extremely kind to me, while I was pregnant with my son–which meant THE WORLD to me. We stayed in touch here and there after HS, we both graduated from UND in 2006 as well. I knew some surface and some a little deeper things in life about her children, her relationships, her education, her job and house hunting, her animals. We shared, what some would consider liberal, beliefs towards social issues, religion, behavioral health…and just trying to be kind to others. I appreciated Christine for listening to me about some deep and ugly issues that I have gone through, not using that against me, not thinking less of me–and I’m glad that when she opened up, I could be that same person for her. People like her, they are hard to come by. Christine mattered to me, I cared about her, and I’m incredibly sorry that she is not here to see her PRIDE AND JOY, ALL 5 OF HER CHILDREN, continue to grow and blossom into adults, maybe even with children of their own. Christine LOVED her children so much and was such a present parent, and although her time is cut too short, those years spent with her I’m sure they will all take with them. I wanted to send my sympathies to her entire family and close friends, especially to Christine’s Children, Logan, Sophia, Sebastian, Thane and Camaron and to her Mom, Judy.

In memory of an amazing human with such a huge and fierce heart, the Red River Class of 1996 has donated a cluster of 50 trees to a forest in need. We are not 100% certain where they will be planted, it is projected that these trees will be planted in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Although there is no plaque next to them, the memorial trees are documented on their online tree registry. (not on there quite yet as they were just purchased). These trees will provide oxygen for 200 people each year. I have the information via email, and would like to forward that to a family member to keep track of. Please contact the funeral home for my personal information.
In loving Memory of Christine Crowe, Celebrating a life whose memories with us all, will be cherished forever. Thank you for being a classmate, a friend, a Mom, and a person with such a kind heart.

Although I graduated high school with her, I didn’t get the opportunity to know her until we attended Northland together. We weren’t in the same program, but that didn’t stop us from connecting. We loved to talk about our kids. Thane and Cameron were in the some on the same sports as my son Caleb. She loved being a mom! Everything she did, all the hard work was all for you. I’m sorry to hear she is gone too soon. My heart goes out to you. But know that within each of you is a piece of your mother.