Andrew M. Butchek



Andrew Michael Butchek was born December 3, 1986 in Portland, Oregon.

Andrew (Andy) was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He was a wild and fun spirited child who was very social and absolutely loved his family. Andrew was placed in and out of foster care in his childhood years and during that time was adopted by Danny Dale and continued to remain close to his 7 siblings and father. He had a need for adventure and began hopping freight trains all though the United States during his early twenties making it from Oregon to New Mexico, to Texas, then to New York. After spending some time visiting New York his final landing was in North Dakota where he quickly fell for the love of his life, Alicia Barnhardt. He also came to know her daughter, Morgan, as his own. Andrew called North Dakota his second home and was proudly a part of the local union here. He was also very fond of his dog, which he named D. O. G.

He was a charismatic man that always carried a smile on his face and a big heart in his chest. When people encountered him, they loved him immediately, he made many friends in his journey to find himself. Andrew was one of a kind.

Andrew was preceded in death by his father, Louis Butchek, and three brothers: Nathan and Zane Butchek and Kelly Alley.

Andrew is survived by his adopted father, Daniel Dale & stepfather, Chris Burson of Boring, Oregon; adopted brother Richard Dale; brother, Louis Butchek; sisters, Shawna Butchek, Kenna Butchek, Cieara Benson, and Mariya Crandell-Butchek; his fiancé Alicia Barnhardt and her daughter Morgan; nieces, Amber, Cailyn, Alissa and Alexandra; nephews, Kaden and Kolten; his fellow union workers and many more friends and family.

A prayer service is being held for Andrew on Thursday, January 2nd, 10 a.m. at Evangel Church in Bismarck, ND, located at 3225 N. 14th Street.

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