Marion Decker


Marion McShane Henjum-Koll-Decker (1918-2020) passed away peacefully in her Bismarck home Sunday, November 29, 2020.  Celebration of Marion’s life will be announced at a later date.

Marion lived her 102 years of life with a spirit of generosity, kindness, and love. She loved her many years as a nurse anesthetist at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Minot, ND, she loved birds, she loved flowers and all of nature, and she loved the joy and closeness of family.

Her capacity to love was demonstrated in three beautiful marriages to: Edward Henjum 1940-1971; Herman Koll 1982-1995; and John Decker 2003-2009, all of Minot.

Marion will be remembered by her family and friends as a beautiful model of kindness and laughter. All who knew her were blessed to have witnessed her exemplary life. May she Rest in Peace.

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