Audie Morrison-Nielsen


Audie “Bear” Morrison-Nielsen, 36, on February 12, 2022, at 3:00 a.m. left his tired and broken Earthly body and at 3:01 a.m. was reunited with his parents in what we are sure was a celebration for the ages.  Memorial services will be held on Thursday, February 17, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. at the Bismarck Funeral Home.  Those not attending, the service will be livestreamed on the Bismarck Funeral Home Facebook page.

Audie lived a blessed and full life considering the cards he was dealt.  He was active in the community going to movies, the zoo, country concerts as well as shopping and his favorite supper outing for nuggets and fries.  Audie especially loved his staff who each day provided him with adventures, laughter and so much love.  His smile and silliness will be missed by so many.

Audie is survived by his loving family and his extended family and staff.

Audie was reunited with his light mommy, Esther and favorite his favorite dad, Tom.

Audie had a huge love for dogs, so in lieu of plants and flowers we ask that if attending his service, you bring a dog toy or donation that will be given to Furry Friends Rockin Rescue in his honor.

To view the memorial service, please click here.

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Audie was a great person to work with. He will be deeply missed!

Audie Bear, I love and miss you so much! You were the best little brother on the planet. Your sense of humor, wisdom, and sheer silliness made every day better. You were my professor of mindfulness, determination, communication, critical thinking, compassion, kindness, love and laughter. Your personality was so huge you didn’t need to speak to let us know what was on your mind. You knew how to live in the moment and taught everyone else around you how to do that—including me. Because of you “I learned to ask myself what is needed right now,”
It was absolutely impossible to be in a bad mood around you. When I was studying and got stressed out or upset, you’d come into my room and growl at me to cheer me up. You knew when I needed hugs, a tickle fight, cuddles, music or computer games to chill out.
Like a lot of brothers, we knew what the other was thinking without saying a word. You always knew when I was faking it and didn’t let me get away with it. You’d just wait. I’d look at you and wonder what to do. You’d look at me and I could sense you saying, “I love you,Pam. I know your worried and stressed out. Let’s chill. Be yourself. You have a disability too So what? You’re my sister. Don’t hide who you are. Let the world see the real you.”
Sometimes we just sat together in silence and that was okay. Silliness would ensue shortly. I treasure every second of the time we spent together. Your laughter was infectious. You showed me solutions I wouldn’t have found on my own. Our time together inspired me to work in disability advocacy, augmentative and alternative communication and emergency management.
I love you Audie Bear! I miss you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and joy. I know heaven is a lot sillier and soulful because you’re there. You’re definitely entertaining everyone now that you are free.

Oh Audie, best fishing buddy, best bonus brother, you will be missed greatly by our family. I’m sorry. Was not able to attend your service. Stupid stomach bug. Until we meet again buddy!!